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About Eve Traetto Photography

The Eve Traetto Photography team are a talented group of individuals brought together to create a professional and friendly service.

The company founder Eve was born and raised in the UK, this is where her true passion for photography surfaced. She always had a project on the go whether it was roping her friends into partaking in a 1950's spy movie inspired shoot or getting into trouble with the law for sneaking into abandoned hospitals and stubbling across derilict houses. Now located in Ontario, Canada, Eve's flair for photography has allowed her to transform her passion into a career. After working for magazines, advertising companies and record labels, Eve decided to create her own studio.

Now along with her team, Eve supplies the GTA with a high quality service that allows families to cherish memories forever, aids business people with their ventures and helps stars in the making get the exposure they need. Allow us to work with you to design a service customized especially for you. Once you choose Eve Traetto Photography for your project we guarentee you will keep coming back for all your photographic needs.


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